Frequently Asked Questions

Are you fully insured?
Yes we have full public liability business insurance which gives our customers piece of mind when working in their homes against accidents and damages
What carpet machine do you use?
We use the air flex storm which is the best state of the art water extraction machine on the market, giving outstanding results every time
Who will clean my home?
There will normally be two cleaners in your home. We will try our best to allocate the same to cleaners to your home if you require regular cleaning.
At what time will Fresh as daisy’s come to my home?
Our cleaners will normally come to your home after 9.30am and before 4pm. We will give you the option of either coming morning or afternoon. If
you require us to come to your home at a specific time, please let us know in advance and we will try our best to meet your requests.
Do I have to provide any cleaning supplies or equipment?
No. Our cleaners will bring all cleaning products and equipment that is needed for the required service.
Do I have to do anything before my cleaner arrives?
All we ask is that you move anything that may be lying on the floor, such as toys or clothing etc. When we arrive we want to concentrate on cleaning your home to the best standard giving you the best value for money.
What if any of my possessions are damaged or broken?
We want you to know that we take the upmost care whilst in your home. If something is damaged or broken, please notify us as soon as possible. We
will try our best to repair or replace broken or damaged items where ever possible.
How long will my carpets/sofas take to dry?
Drying times will vary buy our state of the art machinery will extract 80% of the water back out, for quicker drying times, if the room is warm and well ventilated, it can anywhere from a few hours to overnight to fully dry out
Can you get rid of all the stains?
We use the best chemicals on the market to treat a wide variety of stains, most of the time these work, however some stains are impossible to remove no matter how much you treat them, this depends on what they are, how long they have been there and how far they have penetrated through the carpet fibre
Do I have to be at home when my cleaner arrives?
No. Normally our customers are not at home. You can leave your key with us knowing they are in safe hands. You can give us your key when we come for the in house estimate if you decide you require our services. We can also arrange to pick up your keys at an agreed location in advance.
Where will my keys be held, who will have access to them?
Your keys will be kept securely in a safe at the business address. The management and your allocated cleaner will be the only people to have
access to them.
How do I pay for the services?
You may leave cash for cleanings to pick up or you can do a bank transfer on the day of the clean. A receipt will be issued to you when we receive the payment.
When do I notify you of any changes or cancellations?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you require us to come to your home on a different day than the arranged date. We ask you to let us know at least two days before our cleaners are due to arrive.
Can I have a cleaner come to my home more than once a week?
Yes. If you require a cleaner more than once a week that is fine. Please note that we require a minimum of 2 hours’ work per visit

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